Preparing for the RCABC Instructor Exam
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1. Paddling Skills

Solo & Tandem Paddling 

Candidates must be able to paddle the RCA solo course in a smooth and efficient manner on both left and right sides. Paddlers cannot switch paddling sides to complete manoeuvres, but offside strokes are permitted. A maximum of 4 minutes is allowed for each side, but competent instructor candidates should be able to complete the course in 3 minutes in calm conditions.

Tandem Paddling
Candidates must complete the RCA tandem course in both bow and stern positions. This is accomplished by paddling the course once, switching ends and then paddling the course again.

During the tandem course the stern paddler gives commands and the bow paddler must follow them. The stern paddler must call the name of each stroke required, not give descriptions of the manoeuvre to be performed. The bow paddler must only perform strokes called by the stern paddler, and not correct mistakes unless directed to.

During the tandem course the candidate is only evaluated in the stern position. The evaluation is based on:
- giving commands (clear and appropriate).
- stroke mechanics (choice of stroke and efficiency of application).

Candidates not recommended by an RCA Instructor Course conductor must demonstrate a solo, unassisted canoe-over-canoe rescue within 90 seconds of first contacting the canoe.

2. Teaching Component

Each candidate is required to teach 3 items from the topics in the RCA Instruction Manual. Two items will be strokes or manoeuvres and the third will be a theory or dry land topic. Most examiners give candidates one basic and one advanced stroke to teach.

Candidates are expected to:

3. Theory Exam (under review)
Brief answers to questions in the following areas

History 10
Equipment 10
Strokes and Paddling 20
Rescue and Safety 24
Terminology 20
Leadership 4
Environmental Ethics 7

RCABC Administration

TOTAL 100%

Candidates should read the following books:
Instruction Manual (3rd Edition, rev. October 2000), Recreational Canoeing Association of British Columbia
Path of the Paddle & Song of the Paddle, both by Bill Mason
Chapter 1 of The Canoe and Whitewater, by C.E.S. Franks (an excellent history of the canoe)